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About Post Office

Easily turn any barrel in to a Post Box for the players on your SMP, with item protection when paired with WorldGuard. Need support or have suggestions for future updates? Jump on my Discord!

How does the plugin work?

  • Use the in-game command “/setcustombarrelname name” to identify your Post Box barrels (by default, this is PostBox).
  • Rename the barrels using an anvil, to match the custom name from the previous step.
  • Place your barrels in your amazing Post Office build.
  • Place a sign on the front of the barrel and type the barrel owners name on the second line, this then becomes the owner of the post box.
  • Enjoy your awesome post office on your SMP!

All player can place an item in another players post box but only the owner can take the items out. This plugin works best when paired with WorldGuard with access to the barrels enabled to prevent players placing or removing signs and to keep the protection in place for the post box (barrel and sign protection will be implemented in a future update).

Post Office configuration

Below is an overview of all the settings currently available in the config file and what each one does. All customizable messages support colour codes.

custom-barrel-name: – The barrel name used for your post box
sent-message: – Confirmation shown to sender when closing the post box
received-message: – Sent to the post box owner if they are online
got-mail-message: – Sent to a player on login if they have mail
remove-item-error: – Error prompt when removing item from another players post box
cant-stack-items: – Sent when a player tried to manipulate item stacks in a post box
offhand-error: – Error when trying to remove items using the offhand key
hotbar-error: – Error when trying to remove items using the hotbar keys

Config Placeholders

The below placeholders are available to use in the sent and received messages.
%sender% – replaced with the name of the sender
%receiver% – replaced with the name of the receiver

Download the plugin on the following websites:
Modrinth | Curse Forge | Spigot

Project Details
  • Developer
    • Shantek
  • Platforms
    • Minecraft Java
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