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Do you have an amazing game asset?

I love teaching people how to use new and existing game assets and helping them get the most out of their purchase! Let me help you take your game asset to the next level. When creating tutorial content, I like to have a chat with the publisher to determine any areas that are a common problem for customers to help reduce your repetitive support requests, giving you more time to focus on your asset.

Are there any requirements to submit my asset?

The short answer is no! I’m happy to produce content for a variety of game assets. It doesn’t matter if they are established or new, big or small. The only requirement is that you provide a code for me to claim the asset on the store to review the asset.

Please note: Providing a code for your asset to go through the review process doesn’t guarantee it will be featured on the YouTube channel.

What happens after I submit my asset for review?

I’ll check out the asset and any info you’ve provided and get in touch if I have any follow up questions. It’s also advised to join the Shantek Discord when submitting your asset to make discussing your asset easier (and to help provide any support from any viewers that may come to the Discord).

If I feel your asset is a good fit for the channel and would benefit from tutorial content being produced, I’ll reach out to discuss this further with you.

The tutorial content is produced and published to the Shantek YouTube channel as well as the Shantek website – all content is produced for no charge so you have nothing to lose by submitting your asset for review.

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