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Whats involved?

  • Who are we looking for?
    We are looking for individuals who can present well on camera and already have the equipment to record screen capture tutorials along with face cam and good quality audio. You don’t need to be an expert in everything, but you need to be passionate about what you are presenting and have a good understanding of what you are doing. You don’t need a huge amount of experience in tutorial content, but ideally you’d have some content already posted on YouTube for us to view to see if you are a good fit.
  • What content do we want?
    We are open to anything that’s Game Development related. Some examples of what content we are looking for include any game engine (Unity, Unreal + all the smaller engines), 3D modelling applications like Blender, trailer and audio production related to game projects, etc. We are also open to some other areas of Game Development projects that may include game mods: for example, a set tutorial for making an adventure game to sell on the Minecraft marketplace. A general rule of thumb, if it's a tutorial a user can follow along to make a playable game of some description, or to produce elements to support their project – it’s generally what we are looking for. Feel free to reach out if you are unsure if your idea is a good fit.
  • What assets can I use in my course?
    You can use both free and paid assets from the asset store/marketplace. These requirements will be made clear to the student prior to their purchase so they are aware that they must make an asset purchase prior to consuming the course. These assets must not be included in your source files provided on the website. You are also encouraged to produce your own models or content to use with your course to make it more unique. To do this, you must hold the rights to distribute these assets as part of your source files.
  • What will I be paid for my content?
    Any content that is published to our platform, we work together on the most suitable pricing model. If you produce free content, this will result in no compensation. If the content is listed as a paid course, as the instructor you will receive 50% commission from each sale made through the website. Any content published on YouTube relating to your course will receive no compensation.
  • What is expected of me?
    Your primary job will be to screen record the tutorial content, write your course content (with a little guidance from us) and to produce and provide source files for the course. You can then provide this content to us at any desired intervals for review to ensure it meets our content guidelines. Our main objective is to ensure all our courses have a similar feel and structure, no matter who the instructor is.
  • What will we provide for you?
    We will be available to help guide you the entire way during the content creation process. Once your video content is complete and has been supplied to us, we take care of the editing process for all your content – to ensure our courses all have the same feel. We will also help write your course content for the website as well as any additional content that is required to complete the course. Depending on the content it will then be pushed to the appropriate channels (this website, YouTube, mailing list etc).
  • How will you use my content?
    Your content will be exclusive to Game Dev Project. Paid and free courses will be added to the website. At our discretion, content from the free courses may be published to our YouTube channel as a way to direct customers to the website with a focus on getting customers to enrol in your course. We may also publish a portion of your paid content to our YouTube channel as a free teaser for your course. This will be dependant on your course content but will generally be the first few modules of a course, enough to be useful and to help drive customers to the website to purchase your course. The usage of your content will generally be discussed with you prior to your course going live on our platform.
  • How do I get paid?
    Revenue from your course sales become available 30 days after the purchase date. If you have reached the minimum threshold of 50USD, payments are made at the start of each month. For example, if your balance matures on the 3rd, you would be paid on the 1st of the following month.