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Plugin Overview

Post Office is a plugin I developed for my own SMP, Block Horizon SMP and wanted to share with the community. With the plugin installed, you have the ability to turn any barrel on your server in to a functioning Post Office system that will allow any player to place items in to the barrel, but only the owner to remove the items. The plugin works best when paired with WorldGuard.

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Installing the Plugin

Download the latest files for this plugin on Bukkit. After downloading the file, you’ll need to upload the .jar file to your plugins folder on your server. Need a little help uploading the plugin to your server? Check out the instructions here.

Configuring the Plugin

This plugin works great out of the box and uses the default Post Office barrel name of “pobox”. To set up a barrel as a post box, simply rename the barrel with an anvil to match your custom name.

The name used to define a post office barrel can be changed by using the in game command or editing the configuration file in Plugins/PostOffice.

custom-barrel-name: name

For example, “custom-barrel-name: PostBox” will set the plugin to function with all barrels that have been renamed to “PostBox” using an anvil in game.

Command: /setcustombarrelname name

For example, “/setcustombarrelname POBOX” will set your plugin to only function with barrels that have been named POBOX.

Additional Resources

Join the Discord server here for support or to check out the plugin in action on Block Horizon.