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  • How can I support Game Dev Project?
    If you've found our content useful and want to help support us, the easiest ways to do so are subscribing to our YouTube channel and joining our Discord server. Still want to do more? You can do so by becoming a Patron (this is 100% optional). All the links are available at the bottom of this page. Thanks for your support.
  • Can I teach my own course?
    YES! We are always looking for new content to add to the website and YouTube channel. Check out the "Becoming An Instructor" link at the bottom of the page.
  • How can I cancel my subscription plan?
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  • Do I get a certificate at the end of a course?
    Completing a mini tutorial or asset store tutorial will not give a certificate. However when you complete a full course that comes complete with quizzes, you will be awarded a certificate at the end.
  • Do you offer an all access membership?
    Currently while we grow our content, we offer free tutorials and are working on some paid courses. For now, these will be individual purchases and courses. In the future as our content grows, we may offer a membership to our content.
  • If your website content different from YouTube?
    Most of our free core learning materials are published to YouTube. This same content is then hosted on our website in a course structure, so consuming the content on our website allows you to have additional resources including additional private videos, reading materials and resources, project files and quizzes.